Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Nut-shells since Christmas

We're going to have to call this Part 1. I hate blogging because I save up the good stuff for so long I could stay in this chair all night long and not give even close to a full report. It's 11:30 and I'm yawning to the moon. You'll notice some obvious omissions, but enjoy this snapshot and I'll try to get to Part 2 before Christmas rolls around.

The Snowbunny performed beautifully in her Ballet School's Ice Princess.

AND this is where it's obvious that I don't carry a nice camera and I'm a cruddy photographer. However, I'm a big believer in keeping memories no matter what they look like.
Jono (and Coach Mark) finished strong in Baseball {got out in the semi-finals tonight, lousy loss} and Soccer {good little team that learned to pass and score with finesse}
It was sad to see the season end because Jono plans to follow the Larsen mold and move on to football.

Mr. Howboy in his element, D.I.R.T, where he makes spider houses and dinner and digs for worms.
Easter 2011. The Egg Roll. This tradition will live on because little boys will never tire of throwing eggs at each other.

Payton and Jono had their very first ski season this year. Mark and divvied up the duties. Might I say? I remembered I LOVE SKIING! Park City Mountain Resort had plenty of the season's fabulous snow and they were not disappointed. They came home from their first lesson braggin' about how good they were. As always, we humbled them...only to ski with them and find out, they were right. They definitely held their own following us all over the mountain. The interesting discovery was the juxtaposition of their typical personality roles. Strong and fast goes to you know who and timid and "hang in there" goes to his bro :) They are both looking forward to another season. Us too...
My adorable sunshine. First thumb-sucker. First to sleep like a dream {didn't think it would last back in Dec. but it did!}. First tooth {April 21st}. Just started crawling {June}. Giggles out of control for his crazy siblings. Gets, "he is the best baby," where ever we go - Yes, we know. LOVES on his mama and papa just like babies should.
Our Little Miss has started posing for every picture. Pointed toe, hands on hip, titled this what all girls do?

Jono's favorite Christmas present was an iPod nano. People thought we were presumptuous to assume a then 7 year old could keep track of a miniscule valuable. It is in his ear more than not. There are nights we have to remove it from his ear after he's gone to sleep. He and Payt looked so cute sharing their tunes to some hot cocoa after school.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mom, will you PLEASE sign me up for ballet? {pronounced: bal-la-lea} I've been procrastinating this day for a FULL year now. Her cousin, Sam, and friend, Carly, started last year. My patient Madi waited (until 2 days before she started) for me to sign her up and go shopping for the oh so coveted leotard and slippers. She was tickled pink. The boys waited in the car for all of this - on purpose; I'm preparing them for dance recitals. She looks so cute with her ballerina buns and outfit - I'll have to take more pics of her soon. I'm rather surprised I like it so much, but when your darling daughter is in love, it's hard not to smile.

Could it be?

We've been wondering whether or not Cael would be a "lefty." As of now he's eating mostly left, kicking left and throwing ambidextrous. We have ZERO idea what the recipe is, but there is definitely something in the mix.


I can tell when Cael hasn't had enough to drink in a day. It's amazing that it's actually captured in a picture. He leans in, closes his eyes and darts in for a one second gulp! Hot water, it must be yummy because it happens over and over again!
{as a side note: Can you say "little Mark!"}


Last Thursday we headed for a late dinner. I had the three non-football players with me (common place), which means we all were going in. Unbuckling and the other menial tasks associated with getting out of the car took longer than "shot from a gun" Jono could take. When Madi, Cael & I walked in to an exceptionally busy Little Caesars, I was greeted by Jono at the cash register with a proud face. He cooly says, "I've already ordered," like this was normal... So, I paid for his order and we left.
Crazy Little Caesars for letting a six year old order after standing in "the shortest line there was" without even seeing an adult with whom he belonged.
Next time, I'll just send him in with the money!
My independent son leaves me feeling like he just might do okay with out me. I've heard mom's lament this as their children grow up, but I've racked my memory and I don't think any of them were talking about a SIX year old!
I couldn't find him at the church the other night. Everyone was asking if they needed to start a search party. They chilled when they could see I truly wasn't worried. He's so confident that I can't help but be confident in him. I said he's smart and I'm not worried - I'd just REALLY like to find him. So, our constant goal is - DUDE, just tell me!!!
I love this boy!

Football Season

First real game.

A real smile even after losing for the first (but definitely not last) time.

They are 1-2 on the season, but Payton's having fun none-the-less. Mark is helping coach which is a 10 hour a week commitment. When people give me the "What? and you're okay with that 'look'" I let them know I signed up for this 10 1/2 years ago. I couldn't be happier Payton gets to share this with his Dad. Mark is passionate about football being a good experience and teaching the kids more than just the plays. He knows who he is has a lot to do with what he learned on a football field. So, it's a guaranteed in our life for many, many years - fall means football. It's a good thing we all love the sport.

First Day of School

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey

My boys are growing up! I'm nearing a mix up between mine and Payton's shirts and socks in the laundry. Ask him who's flip-flops I wear on quick trips out the door! His!
Payton started Third Grade and is keeping up just fine ;) And I assume he's happy there with Mrs. Kimber because when I ask him how school was everyday he says, "good." That's a period there at the end because that's really ALL he says. Some days I pry for an ounce of news, but mostly I move on to Jono. "How was school, Jono?" 3/5 days: "Bad!" I've figured out that this isn't in reference to the work or the teacher, Miss Jorgensen, but how the football game went at recess. All parents should have psychology degrees.
Madi started preschool this year. She doesn't travel far because I had a first day of school this year too. I have eight students (+ Cael, until after snack when I happily put him in his crib). Madi loves having her friends come to "play." I've enjoyed teaching again, but am glad it's only two days a week. I love preschoolers - life is so simple to them and happiness comes easily. Watching them learn and light up will never fail to put a smile on my face.